The Christmas Carrolls: Here Comes Santa Claus

When mistaken identity causes 2 young adults, Jacob and Lizzie, to fall in love and get married, they realize that their unborn child is to become the one and only Santa Claus. But is it the one she is pregnant with or is it the little boy who haunts the 3rd floor of their new home? How will Jacob tell his high society mother, who holds secrets of her own?

The Christmas Carrolls: Book 2

The adventures of Lizzie and Jacob continue in this new story. It's been years since the night Santa was born and now he and his brothers are in their late teens. When two young girls, Pepper and Danni, enter the home through a portal in the basement, strange events start to occur. Who is the Tooth Fairy who is stealing powers and will the Easter Bunny be able to deliver her baskets of goodies in time? Most importantly, who is the stranger lying in a coma in the hospital bed? And why can Jack and Nick speak to his spirit?


The Fruitcake Factory: A fictional representation of life with mental illness

Follow the lives of several mentally ill patients in a psychiatric facility and what life holds for them in the outside world. 100% of all proceeds will go to Mental Health charities. I just want to spread awareness and stop the stigma.


Breakdown: Doug's Story (The Bully Series Book 1)


Doug is a freshman in high school who is picked on by a group of seniors. His journey takes him from being called Doggy, to a lunch filled with dog food, in this fictional representation about bullying.

Tormented: Jaxon's Story

(The Bully Series Book 2)


Jaxon is an 8th-grade bully, but is it because he's mean or is something going on at home that needs rectifying?

Cutter: Kristen's Story

(The Bully Series Book 3)


Kristen was a popular girl in school until her ex-boyfriend starts spreading rumors about her being a slut. Then the whole school gets involved in her public shaming. To top it all off, she goes to a party where she is met with horrific trauma. In her mind, sometimes cutting is the only way to let the pain out